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Alex In The Sun is a resource run by me, Alexandria Toledo, to teach and mentor you on how to take control of your life so you can create a life you love. I provide information on discovering your purpose, how to be confident, etiquette, career success, and relationship advice.

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Who is Alexandria Toledo?

And how does she know this stuff?

I’m a city girl from Chicago who became tired of struggling and being invisible. When I was given the option to sink or swim I decided to dive into unknown oceans and swim because my life depended on it. When I made it to shore I was bolder, healthier, and stronger – I was free.


After graduating high school I immediately joined the Air Force. When I got to Alaska, my first duty station, I was a mess. I started to realize how far behind my peers I was. I felt stupid, unattractive and a lot of times socially illiterate. As a result, I was sad and frustrated. It was my first time away from home and I was lost – I needed help.


Being in this state could have brought me down a downward spiral of unhappiness but I decided I wouldn’t have it. I decided to change my life.


I started studying people who were confident and smart, I volunteered for leadership positions like being a physical training leader and heading up events for different organizations. I started taking college courses and getting more involved with my hobbies like tango, hiking, and running long distance. I discovered better self-care routines to help clear up my skin and grow out my hair. 

What ever I feared or felt insecure about I immersed myself in it and I volunteered to do it every time an opportunity was in front of me.



How Alex In The Sun Began

I mentioned earlier that I needed help as I struggled to become the best version of myself.  Having a mentor and a community behind me to support, motivate and inspire me during my lowest moments, without judgment, would have helped me reach my goals so much faster.

After my transformation, I realized that I have a passion for inspiring and helping other women who want more but need a support system. My goal is to help millions of women around the world who struggle the way I used to struggle.

This is where Alex In The Sun comes in.

 I want to be your self-development mentor and life coach. Use this resource to help you become the best version of you.

To get started I recommend the following posts:

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If you want specific advice to you or one-on-one coaching you can email me at mail@alexinthesun.com for a free consultation. – Yours truly, Alex




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