How to be Magnetic and Make Him Chase You – Pt.1

Your ability to be magnetic is determined by the way you view yourself and the energy you radiate as a result.

Do you feel attractive? Are you confident? Have you embraced your femininity? As a woman, these are all questions you should explore, but not just to inspire a man to chase you. You should do this so that you can begin to fluidly express the best version of yourself – which is a desire buried in us all.

When you have confidence and clarity in yourself and what you want it can be extremely attractive.

Now yes, your outer appearance does play a part in you being magnetic to a man. However, it will not make him chase you past a few dates if you don’t have the internal qualities of a high-value woman.

With that said today, I’ll be going over some initial attraction tips, and next week I’ll share some tips on how to maintain attraction and remain a chase after the relationship has started to develop a bit more. So here we go…

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How to Be Magnetic and Inspire Him to Chase You – Pt. 1

High physical attraction is one of the most important factors in getting a guy to chase you at the beginning.

This is true because he needs to notice you first or else this whole process is irrelevant to you.

Some key things men tend to pay attention to are your hair, smell, figure, nail cleanliness, and your smile. I don’t really want to go deeper than that because we all already know that this is important.

As far as what to wear focus on highlighting your best assets in a classy way. Looking your best will help you feel confident and beautiful.  And like I said earlier, you need to feel attractive to yourself first.

Even if you look plain compared to other women your inner confidence can make you twice as more attractive. When this is the case, they’ll often say things to you like, “I don’t know what it is, I just feel drawn to you.”

The energy I’m talking about can be shown in the way you carry yourself, the way you walk, talk, smile, your expressions and the way you look at him.

So let’s say you’ve gotten his attention and now the two of you are involved in a conversation. Here’s what you should do next…

Show that you’re attracted to him and allow yourself to be affected by him.

You can do this by being present and vulnerable. Listen to him and communicate your appreciation for the internal qualities you admire in him. Don’t be afraid to go deep.

Also, don’t stress about every detail of the encounter. Just be there, tell him what you truly think, laugh, and let him see how attracted you are to him. Let him see that he influences you.

By doing this not only will he see your beauty but he will feel connected to you on a different level. This is something most women won’t do because when you do this you’re putting yourself out there and it requires courage.

Earlier I said you should tell him how you truly feel. That means you’re not always going to agree with him. When you express your point of view it shows that you’re honest and you’re not intimated by him. Don’t be a bitch about it, but at the same time remember men are attracted to women who can speak their mind intelligently.

 As the man, he should be the one leading the interaction – so let him.

As the woman don’t feel pressured to move the conversation along. Leave that to him because as the man he should be pursuing you. Yes women and men are created equally and women can lead but when it comes to attraction it doesn’t work that way.

If you want a manly man, if you will, you have to let him demonstrate his masculinity by leading the interaction. Strong masculine men are attracted to feminine, soft and nurturing women. Show your strength and be a challenge to him by having high standards and knowing your boundaries. That will make you magnetic.

Play the field and let him earn your time

If the two of you aren’t committed to each other it’s not good for him to feel like he’s your only option – remember, men, thrive on competition.

To put it simply, enjoy yourself, but don’t make him your only option. Have a set time to leave, and move away from the conversation on a high note.

If you’re at a party or gathering go and talk to other people. Not to make him jealous but to be social and to show him that you’re a great person who connects well with others too.

If you’re on a first date or in a more one-on-one situation apply the same practices but instead of going to talk to other people make sure you schedule plans afterward.

For one, this shows that you know how to be in the moment and connect with him. And secondly, you still have a life and priorities that you’re committed to and honor even though you’re having a good time. This is something men find very attractive and it plays a big part in being magnetic.

As you’re parting, leave it to him to ask for your number or a follow-up.

At the end of the encounter, once again, let him lead by asking to contact you later or see you again soon. It’s so important that you let him chase you by allowing him to initiate contact and plan dates in the beginning.

Bonus dating tips:

1. Don’t accept last minute dates

If you want him to make you a priority and view you as a high-value woman don’t habitually accept spontaneous dates. You don’t want to be the last resort Netflix and Chill girl.

2. Always offer to pay – even though a true gentleman will pay anyway

Offering to pay will show him that you’re not just a taker. You’re a team player and you want to contribute.

3. Don’t sleep with him too soon – men value what they have to earn

Every woman has her own rules when it comes to sex – just make sure you know yours. Most women mess up because they don’t know what their standards are around sex so they do it too soon or they can’t confidently say yes or no.

Either way, women tend to act differently afterward which drastically changes the dynamic of the relationship. Just make sure you’re ready and be aware of the changes it could bring to the relationship if it happens too early.

So that’s it, ladies. I hope you found this helpful! If you did I’d love to get some feedback in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and please share this post with your friends.

“She is fire, he is ice. One glimpse of her ignites his stone cold eyes. The heat of her body melts the frozen parts of his heart. He walks through flames just to feel her warmth.” – Christy Ann Martine

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