4 Powerful Things That Will Make Him Choose You Over Her

If you’re in a situation where you feel like the man you want is into you and someone else, I want you to consider the four points I’m going to talk about today. I know being in this situation is not ideal and may send you into panic mode. However, I’m hoping my advice will help you get what you want.

Four Powerful Things That Will Make Him Choose You Over Her

1. Connection

Can you really connect with him? Your connection with a man can be more powerful than sex and attraction – especially in the long run. Being able to share a laugh, a belief, hobby, or relate to one another over a similar life experience can establish an attraction far beneath the surface.

Instead of focusing on his relationship with the other woman focus on your connection with him. Build on that by being present and vulnerable. The woman who shares fun and inspiring moments with him without badgering him with questions and concerns about someone else will always win. This conveys that he has something special with you and at the same time it demonstrates your high-value and self-confidence. You can check out my post on how to be a high-value woman for more detailed advice on this.

I know it’s hard to know that he may be choosing another woman over you but don’t focus on that. If you do it will only make the other woman look that much more desirable. Just be calm and remember you are a prize.

2. Being authentic and unique

If you’re being honest and unashamed about who you are you will discover that you are unique and different in your own way. Where many women go wrong is trying to be who they think the guy wants them to be. Men can see through that and it’s a huge turnoff. So if you notice the other girl dressing or talking a certain way and he seems to respond positively to that don’t change to be like her. You know he likes you otherwise he would have already chosen her.

Instead, try to take on the attitude of take me or leave me. You shouldn’t be mean about it but remember that when you are being real it shows and it’s really attractive and rare. All you have to focus on is being the best version of yourself. Just let him see that.

3. Being a challenge

You may feel like now is not the time to be challenging or maybe that you need to lower your standards. The truth is men love a challenge and they don’t value what they didn’t have to work for. If you want to be chased and chosen don’t make it too easy for him.

Keep your own life and schedule. Being in this situation may prompt you to feel like you need to be with him as much as possible. You may feel the need to subtly convince him that you’re the girl for him and express how much you like or love him. Do not do this. Sure you want him to know you’re into him but don’t take on needy behavior out of desperation.

As I mentioned earlier you want to remain calm and keep working on bettering yourself. Never stop moving forward, networking, and taking care of your priorities. By doing this you are keeping your dignity and self-respect which is really attractive.

4. Attraction

Although all that I’ve talked about so far is important if a man is not attracted to you physically and sexually all you’ll ever have is a friendship. So in order for a man to choose you over another woman he needs to feel more attracted to you than the other person. Beyond being physically attractive what really gets a guy attracted is the energy you give off. I know that sounds weird but it’s true.

Imagine a guy dating three women (not committed) and he’s physically attracted to all of them. Out of the three, one of them has this thing about her that he just can’t figure out. The spark between them is intense and he is so drawn to her.

Sometimes the woman a man has this sort of attraction for isn’t even the most beautiful choice. However, there are usually a few qualities that a woman possesses to create this almost irrational attraction in a man.

Some of these qualities are:

  • Being deeply in touch with your femininity 
  • Being in touch with your sensuality
  • Confidence
  • Being able to be expressive and animated
  • The way you walk, talk, stand

 The best way I can explain this is sometimes we’ll see someone in a picture and think they’re okay looking or maybe not attractive at all. However, when we see them in person because of how they are we find them irresistible. So just keep this in mind and make sure you signup for my free guide on how to be irresistible to men using the form below.

So those are my four powerful tips that will help you get the guy you want to choose you over another woman. I hope these tips were helpful! Be sure to download my guide I mentioned and share this post with your friends.


Alexandria Toledo

Founder, Alex In The Sun

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4 powerful things to make him chase you

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