Qualities of a High-Value Woman – Be The Woman He Craves

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” – anonymous

A high-value woman has a combination of amazing qualities that enable her to live a life where she gets the respect she deserves. She’s confident, has healthy priorities, and she’s constantly growing and creating a quality life for herself.

Men are so attracted to this type of woman because she challenges him and at the same time, she inspires him to be a better man. On top of that, she radiates warmth from her heart, carries meaningful conversations, and she has a refreshing depth to her. This is all due to the fact that she is deeply in tune with herself which is a key attribute of a high-value woman men crave.

I believe every woman has an innate high-value. Some of us just don’t realize how valuable we are so we justify and accept poor circumstances and mistreatment. Furthermore, we don’t take the time to fully develop ourselves from the inside out.

I chose to write this post because I noticed that a lot of relationship experts talk about this being the best way to get the man you want to chase and commit to you, but there isn’t much information on how to actually be a high-value woman. So today I’m going to share the top qualities and practices of a woman who knows her true value.

Be a woman of high-value

Be The Woman He Craves

Five Qualities of a High-value Woman

1. She consistently works at improving herself

A high-value woman acknowledges areas of her life that need improvement and makes a plan to actually start growing in those areas.

What you need to know about improving yourself

If you want to start improving your life start investing in your education, setting goals, and taking positive action.

Some of the things you can do to build momentum are to start reading or listening to books that inspire and teach you about whatever it is you’re trying to learn. You could also sign up for a class, a workshop, or a seminar. The point is to learn so that you can grow and give more to the world as a result.

Earlier I said a man wants a woman who inspires him to be a better man, well improving yourself in this way is one of the main ways to do that.

2. She’s confident and if not, she works to become confident

I know this one is pretty cliché but it really is one of the most powerful qualities of a high-value woman.

A confident woman doesn’t apologize for being who she truly is. Instead, she stands up for what she believes in, she doesn’t hold back on enforcing her standards, and most importantly she believes that she is worthy of love.

What you need to know about developing confidence

How confident you are will come out in the way you own what you say and what you do. People who are not confident have a slight hesitation in everything they do. The reason is that they don’t fully agree and believe in what they’re doing so they can’t wholeheartedly commit to it.

The foundation of self-confidence is believing in yourself and not allowing fear to hold you back. Although, before you can believe in yourself you need to have a clear understanding of your core values, boundaries, and standards.

A woman who recognizes her high-value sets aside time to ask herself hard questions to better understand who she is and what she’ll stand for. This enables her to stop trying to control what others think of her so that she can be unapologetic in her self-expression.

3. She embraces her body and takes special care of it.

A high-value woman nurtures and accepts her body flaws and all. She demonstrates this by staying fit, eating healthy, and making her outer appearance a visual representation of her internal qualities.

She understands that no matter how busy she gets or what she has going on she should always spend time taking care of her body. This shows her self-respect and dedication to becoming the best version of herself.

Men are very visual and they love seeing the nurturing side of a woman. Taking care of your body ensures that you are keeping yourself attractive and taking care of your one true asset which is your body. So make a habit of nurturing and loving your body daily.

4. She’s connected to her heart

A high-value woman connects to her heart by being present and real with herself about how she feels. She follows her intuition and she expresses her emotions.

How to connect to your heart

If you’re struggling with being in tune with your feelings try closing your eyes and think to yourself “how do I feel right now?” After asking yourself this, answer honestly out loud.

If you think it’s too weird or if you just want to go deeper I highly recommend journaling about how you feel. Every night before bed write down your thoughts, fears, and feelings without holding back. This will keep you connected to your heart and clearly able to identify what’s most important to you and what needs to change in your life.

5. She has healthy priorities that stay in place even after she’s in a relationship

A high-value woman has priorities that directly correlate to her values and she incorporates her priorities into her daily routine.

Most women have priorities but usually, after meeting someone and committing to a relationship, they start to procrastinate or disregard them all together.

This is where we start to unconsciously form unhealthy priorities and usually when men start to pull away and lose attraction.

What you need to know about developing healthy priorities 

Think of priorities as your most important actions and your values as the reasons and concepts behind those actions.

An example of this is if one of your values is to take great care of your body, a healthy priority for you would be to workout every morning at a set time. Now, after you’ve set your priority you have to put consistency and action behind it because without those two ingredients it’s not really a priority at all.

Just remember that having healthy priorities is essential to your overall happiness and it will help you stay grounded in your values while living a well-balanced life.

Once the man in your life sees you respecting yourself by following through with your priorities he will admire you deeply and he will see you as long-term partner material.

So make a list of your priorities and put the list in a place where you can see it on a daily. This will help you to actually follow through with taking the actions you need, and it will motivate you on days where you find yourself feeling lazy.


The reality is men crave a woman who passionately loves her own life. So before you can be with the man of your dreams you have to work on yourself first.

Now you shouldn’t do this just to get a guy but you should instead do it to be a better person. Eventually you will attract the man you want into your life.

So that is it ladies, I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for reading! If you want to recieve more advice like this you can subscribe to my email list using the form below.

“You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.” – bossbabe

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