6 Ways to be More Attractive Pt. 4 – Why is She The One he Wants?

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou

There are several things we can do to make ourselves more physically attractive. Today, however, I’m going to focus on six internal qualities that make us attractive.

I got the idea to write this post after hearing some of the guys from my work have a full conversation on the things they don’t like about women and being in relationships. I took note of a lot of what they said and used some of my own experiences to help with this post.

Here are six ways you can become more attractive and be more of the woman your guy dreams of.


1. She’s Passionate About Something

Being passionate about work or a hobby you love doing is sexy. It makes you interesting. When I have conversations with guys about their new girlfriend, they seem to always mention how she’s so into running marathons, riding horses, art, or freaking collecting aprons – anything really. The point is, she’s REALLY into learning about and getting better at doing something she loves.

I feel like we (women) forget about our passions when we get into a relationship and especially after getting married. This sucks because that’s usually one of the main things that made us attractive in the first place.

2.Β  She knows what she wants and she’s vocal about it

Being decisive is another really attractive trait. Men want to see that they can please us. When we express what we want with enthusiasm and liveliness it’s a lot more exciting and fun.

For example, if your guy asked you if you wanted to eat at a Mexican restaurant and you just said, “well… okay I guess so.” That equates to boring and there’s a little uncertainty there. On the other hand if your guy asked if you wanted to eat Mexican food and you answered, “Yes I would love to! Let’s go to Q’doba!” or, “no I don’t want to eat there, but I’d love to go to a sushi restaurant.” Those responses are decisive, and confident; hence very attractive.

3. She’s playful and has a good sense of humor

Playfulness is definitely a quality men find really attractive. I notice that men often look for women who can laugh with them and at their jokes. Sort of like their best friend would. We should try to look at the brighter side of our situations more and laugh as often as we can. Doing this will really draw your man into you and you yourself will be a happier person. This is not to say we should never get angry or sad, but we should do our best to be positive and playful frequently.


4. Energetic and articulate

Having a high level of energy implies that you’re happy and excited about life. Combine that with the ability to articulate yourself well and you can be irresistible. People are attracted to others who are happy, energetic, and confident enough to express what they’re feeling. Being articulate also shows competence and intelligence.


5. She’s Independent

When you can be in a relationship but still have your own hobbies and friends, that raises your value to your man. I say that because so many men complain about how clingy and needy their wives and girlfriends are and how they never allow them to have fun without them. This chases men away like nothing else. It’s important that your man gets his Me Time and freedom to hang out with his own friends without you. While he’s out doing his thing you should be out doing your thing. When you see your man after this brief time apart you will both have more to talk about and you will actually miss each other.

6. Variety

It’s important to switch it up! If you’ve been dating or married to someone for a while odds are things get a little repetitive. Adding some variety can help reignite that spark and remind your man of how fun and spontaneous you can be. So try out some new restaurants, switch up your style, or maybe try surprising your man with something he likes. Basically, try anything outside of the norm to add variety to your relationship.

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I’ve been working on this four part series since my blog launched. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Check out parts 1, 2, and 3 on this topic if you haven’t already.

“You don’t have to be fearless, just don’t let fear stop you.”

You guys at end of the day we all just want to be happy. When you think about it that’s why we want to be attractive. We want to be accepted, loved, and cherished. If you could remember one thing from this series I’d say to constantly try to better yourself in all aspects of your life and put out as much positivity as you can.

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below if you have any tips to add to becoming a more attractive person. XOXO – Alex πŸ™‚

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